Daily Goodie Box: How It Works, What Do You Get and Is It Legit?

When Daily Goodie Box first reached out to me about reviewing their boxes I was pretty much instantly all-in. I mean how can you not be on board with the idea of daily goodies? Well as it turns out Daily Goodie Box isn’t a subscription for getting goodies every day (darn) but instead refers to the fact that the company gives out these boxes daily. For free!

Yep, they send them out for free. 100% , no credit card required.

The catch? It’s hard to get one and when you do it feels a little like winning a raffle or something. You have to be in the right place at the right time and get randomly picked. But if and when you do, the boxes are pretty fun.

What is Daily Goodie Box?

Daily Goodie Box is a free sample program. It’s designed to be a fun and totally free way to try new products. Daily Goodie box sends out boxes full of snacks and household products in exchange for honest feedback on the items. Brands donate products to Daily Goodie Box and in return they reach new consumers and get reviews and opinions on their new or re-launched products. The review process takes about 5 minutes per item and is done via the Daily Goodie Box website. You rate the items, answer a few quick questions, and enter a short review. Reviewing items in this way is voluntary! They’ll send several reminders via email but ultimately nothing happens if you don’t do the reviews — they won’t ask you to pay or send a bill or anything else. Neglecting to review items will prevent you from being eligible for future Daily Goodie Boxes however, and taking a few minutes to share your thoughts is a nice way to thank the brands for sending out their products.

Signing up is easy and the products really are free — no shipping costs, no credit card required, no weird upsells.

How to Get a Daily Goodie Box

They give boxes away via a few different methods: First you need to sign up on their website, registration is free and straightforward. The website implies you may be eligible for a Daily Goodie Box simply by registering, and that may be true, but in all honesty none of my friends or family who have signed up have received a box through the website alone. To get a box after signing up on the website follow Daily Goodie Box on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and comment/engage on their posts. They go through the comment threads regularly and randomly reply to people “Congrats! You just got a Goodie Box.” They give away dozens (hundreds?) of boxes every day based on this system, and most comment threads have multiple winners.

Is Daily Goodie Box Legit?

Yep! In my experience they do what they say they will do, and in communicating with members of their team over email they’ve been nothing but friendly and professional. Personal information they ask for on the website includes your name, address, and email, and your opinions about the products you receive. You’re never prompted to enter payment info, and while they do send some promotional emails there is a valid “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each one and I haven’t found them to be excessive (about 2-4 emails per month) or spammy.

What Do You Get in a Daily Goodie Box?

Here’s the fun part! I’ve received several goodie boxes dating back to late 2016 when the program was fairly new. Products are not all sample sized but many are full-sized products. Items vary each month but in my experience most fall into the “snacks” category (popcorn, chips, protein bars) with some beauty (moisturizers, sunscreen), supplements (vitamin C gummies, probiotics) and medicine cabinet/first aid staples (blister balm, pain relief) mixed in. My experience hasn’t been 100% typical in that they reached out to me and offered to send boxes in exchange for reviewing publicly on my blog instead of privately via their website, which means I didn’t have to comment and follow social media threads to win boxes. But I did receive the same goodie boxes as everyone else so below are a good are two good examples of what you can expect if you’re awarded a Daily Goodie Box. Also see my full Daily Goodie Box reviews individually by month at the bottom of this post.

Daily Goodie Box July 2018:

Daily Goodie Box July unboxing

Daily Goodie Box June 2018:

Daily Goodie Box Unboxing, June 2018

How Much is Daily Goodie Box Shipping?

Daily Goodie Boxes are 100% free, meaning they ship for free as well. My boxes all arrived via USPS in Priority Regional Rate boxes, nicely packed with a little tissue paper, welcome note, and a few coupons/promotional materials.

Overall Impression: Is Daily Goodie Box Worth It?

The boxes and products are great. They all arrived in good condition, expiration dates (where applicable) were appropriately far out into the future, and the brands are recognizable and/or appear reputable (nice packaging, proper labeling, etc). And considering it’s a free sample program the boxes are quite generous — each one contains 5+ products usually, several of which are full sized. Depending on what you get and what you’ll use/enjoy, there is a potential for a lot of value in each box. Also the review process they ask for is straightforward and doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

The only downside I see is a lack of a structured way to qualify for a box. It’s largely by chance as there is a definite contest or raffle element to their method for choosing box recipients, and this could be a source of frustration if you spend a lot of time trying for one and never get chosen. That being said if you’re active on social media anyway commenting on a post or two as they scroll by is fairly easy to do for the possibility of a fun payoff of free stuff.

Daily Goodie Box Reviews by Month:

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Daily Goodie Box December 2016

Daily Goodie Box February 2017

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Daily Goodie Box June 2018

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Sign up on their website here: Daily Goodie Box: It’s more than just free samples!


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