Daily Goodie Box Open JuneDaily Goodie Box (www.dailygoodiebox.com) sends out free boxes full of snacks and household products in exchange for honest feedback on the items. Signing up is free and painless, and although you’re not guaranteed a box right when you sign up they do give away hundreds (thousands?) every month. Additional to the website they have an active social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and give lots of boxes away there as well.

If/when you get chosen for a box, the idea is once you review all the items you received in one box, you’re eligible for another. So far it has been mostly food products, with some household, beauty, and medicine cabinet items. And the reviews are easy, unlike some review sites they don’t require all the social sharing and side jobs. Just log in to the Daily Goodie Box website and write a short review for each item you received in your box.

You can sign up at http://dailygoodiebox.com — it’s quick and 100% free (shipping and everything, no credit card required).

So to get to it, here’s what I received in my June Daily Goodie Box (they really packed it full!):

Daily Goodie Box Unboxing, June 2018

A great mix of pantry items, beauty/personal care, and medicine cabinet products! Also many are full-sized, a few small sample sizes.

Pristine Protocol and Pickle Pops

Essential Oxygen – Pristine Protocol 3-step Oral Care I am excited to try this! With aloe vera as the first ingredient after water on the rinse it’s intriguing to say the least.

Van Holten’s Pickle Ice – Also intriguing, but for a totally different reason. This is hardening up in the freezer as we speak and I’m working up the guts to try it.

daily goodie box coconut water blister balm

Amy & Brian Refreshing Coconut Water — I’m a sucker for fun drinks and coconut is so summery and fresh! Looking forward to trying this.

Blister Balm: 100% Natural Cold Sore Cream — Not something I need right now but summer always comes with a few blisters due to new sandals or a long day of walking on vacation. Happy to have this on hand!

Volo Vitamins: Energy Stickpacks — I tried one of these right out of the box and it was pretty good.

Goddess Garden: Daily Facial Routine — I love beauty products! And this brand is usually amazing.

Daily Goodie Box Espresso coffee body spray


Essential Oxygen Pristine Protocol 3-step Oral Care — I didn’t realize this right when I unpacked and took photos but this is oral rinse goes up top as step 1 of the complete oral routine.

Dayclear: Nighttime Sleep Aid — It’s just one dose, so while it’s rare that anyone in our house needs help sleeping (usually we’re more than ready when we get the chance!) you never know.

Balla for Men: Original Formula Body Spray — Has a nice smell! Hubby isn’t into, youngest stepson took it though.

Prince & Spring: Organic Coffee Pods — Mmmmm, coffee. ‘Nuff said.

YumButter: Organic Chocolate Espresso Peanut Butter — This is my favorite thing in the whole box! It’s full size and it’s absolutely DELICIOUS.


Summary: These boxes are seriously amazing considering they are 100% free. Just don’t expect to get one right away at signup (although you might get lucky!), and if you’re active on social media remember participate there as well to increase your chances.

Daily Goodie Box. It’s more than just Free Samples!

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