What it is

Daily Goodie Box is a fun and totally free way to try new products. They send out boxes full of snacks and household products in exchange for honest feedback on the items. Signing up is easy and the products really are free (no shipping costs, no credit card required, no weird upsells).

How it works

Register on the website, or follow them on social
(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and participate in appropriate threads. If/when you receive a box it will be sent to you totally free of charge (to the address you register with on the website) and you can enjoy! You’ll be prompted via email afterwards to review the items you received, which is an optional step but keep in mind you won’t be eligible for another box unless/until you review the items from your first. The review system is fairly simple and can be completed in just a few minutes per item.

You can sign up at http://dailygoodiebox.com.

What You Get

So far my boxes have been mostly food products, with some household, beauty, and medicine cabinet items, in a mix of full and sample sizes. See what I got in my November box below, and see what I’ve received in past boxes here.

So let’s get to the goodies! Here’s what I received in my November 2018 Daily Goodie Box:

Love Grown Kids Cereal Cups — Yay for guilt-free cocoa rice krispies! These taste SO GOOD and chocolatey, but surprise surprise they’re made totally of beans. A blend of navy, lentil, and garbanzo beans.

Rise Brewing Co – Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Blood Orange — This was good! I have never thought “orange coffee” sounded like something good but this works. I would love to get it again actually.

Ecosafe – Vitamin C Gummies — I’m a sucker for a good gummie vitamin, as they’re like little pieces of healthy candy (ha). These are yummy! Stick together a bit in the bottle, but in some ways that makes me feel like they’re less processed. 

Green Goo – 100% All Natural First Aid — With a husband who loves DIY projects, a 4 yr old boy, and a toddler we definitely have a lot of bumps and scrapes that this will help with.

Softer Than Brittle – Cashew — Yum! Soft and nutty and good. That’s all there is to say about this! That, and I love that it’s not almonds. It seems like everything is almonds these days.

My M&M’S® – Personalized M&M’S® — The ones I got had a black and white image of a little girl’s face on them, like from a newspaper (very realistic! And recognizable, I think, if you knew her). Sorry I didn’t get a photo! But fun for parties for sure.

Choice Organic Teas – Earl Grey Tea — I’m a tea drinker! Earl Grey isn’t my favorite, but I do drink it occasionally so this was fun to get. It tastes good and so awesome that it’s organic.

All Good – SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen Lotion — Hubby and the boys will be trying this out during their New Year’s ski trip! I assume it’s good, I’ll come back and update if for some reason it’s not. 

Eat Your Coffee – Salted Caramel Macchiato Bars — As a busy mom I love a tasty protein bar, and this one is good! Definitely worth buying.


This was a fun one! I’ve gotten a few of these and it was a nice mix of food and supplements and other things like sunblock and first aid. And so many full-size! Love Daily Goodie Box, as always. It can take some time to get one, but sign up on the website doesn’t take long and if you’re on social anyway it’s totally worth the time to comment for extra chances.

Daily Goodie Box. It’s more than just Free Samples!

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