Daily Goodie Box sends out boxes of edible snacks and other goodies for free in exchange for honest feedback on the items. Signing up is free and painless (I’ve been signed up for several months now and haven’t been email spammed or anything) although it seems not everyone is guaranteed a box right when they sign up — in fact most people I know haven’t gotten one. It’s a fairly new program so the hope is they are growing. Also they have a fairly active social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and give lots of boxes away there as well.

If/when you get chosen for a box, the idea is once you review all the items you received in one box, you’re eligible for another. So far it has been mostly food products, with some household, beauty, and medicine cabinet items. And the reviews are easy, unlike some review sites like Influenster it doesn’t require all the social sharing and side jobs. Just log in to the Daily Goodie Box website and write a short review for each item you received in your box.

You can sign up at http://dailygoodiebox.com — it’s pretty quick and 100% free (shipping and everything, no credit card required).

So to get to it, here’s what I received in my April goodie box:

Slurpee Cotton Candy — Love getting sweets! Haven’t had cotton candy in a long time, and although this wasn’t quite as “fluffy” and airy as what you’d get at a fair, the flavor was very good.

Detox Water lychee and white grape — Very mild flavor that I really enjoyed. Love that it has ALOE in it (the stuff is truly amazing). Drink tasted “clean” and was refreshing, vs some drinks that end up making you feel overly full or still thirsty.

#MPWR Skincare Zip! Zap! Gone! Spot Treatment Stick — This is a full sized product with a $22 value, which is pretty impressive for a 100% free sample box. I like the look of it, but honestly can’t say myself or my hubby have had any particular “spot” troubles or need to use this yet. We will though as soon as the need arises!

Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion — Another full sized product and happy to get this! Can’t have enough high-quality body lotion in the house and this stuff is thick and luxe. I do often prefer “fun” scents to my lotion and this one is a mild generic smell but it’s pleasant (hubby likes it) and overall love this product.

Powdered Butter & Co. Mighty Nut Powdered Peanut Butter — Not a fan of mixing powdered peanut butter for sandwiches but love using it in cookies. Mixed this single serving in to some homemade brownies and it gave them a lovely, rich flavor.

Bakery on Main Bunches of Crunches — Great snack! Toddler loved it, and I love that its healthier dark chocolate and all kinds of other goodies like chia seeds, sea salt, millet, and more.

EBOOST Strawberry Kiwi Energy Powder — Honestly haven’t used this yet but am excited to. Love the idea of a strawberry-flavored quick drink and that it has 0g added sugar, gmo free, etc. Also other powdered mixes like this I’ve tried have been so convenient.

Dude Products Quick Dude Wipes — These are a unique idea! We (meaning myself or my husband) don’t really need “showers on the go” routinely but I think they’ll make a great camping essential this summer. The ingredient list is surprisingly natural and mild (cucumber, aloe, vitamin e, alcohol free…).

Goddess Garden Everyday Natural Sunscreen Lotion — I have tried several other Goddess Garden products and they are all high quality and effective. This is a single use sample size and I’m saving it for an on-the-go occasion when myself or my toddler needs an extra sunblock boost.

Also included were lots of product coupons!

Summary: Such a great box, and 100% for free. Totally worth signing up in my opinion, although be ready to have to wait. If you’re active on social media you can also participate in the giveaways there.

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