Daily Goodie Box sends out free boxes full of snacks and household products in exchange for honest feedback on the items. Signing up is easy and the products really are totally free (no credit card required, no weird upsells). You’re not guaranteed a box right when you sign up but they do give away hundreds (thousands?) every month. Additional to the website they have an active social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) where they also give boxes away.

If/when you receive a box you’ll be prompted via email to review the items. This is optional, but you won’t be eligible for another box unless you’ve reviewed the items from your first. So far my boxes have been mostly food products, with some household, beauty, and medicine cabinet items. And the reviews are easy, unlike some review sites like Influenster they don’t require all the social sharing and side jobs. Just log in to the Daily Goodie Box website and write a short review for each item you received in your box.

You can sign up at http://dailygoodiebox.com.

So let’s get to the goodies! Here’s what I received in my July Daily Goodie Box:

Svelte Banana Cream Organic Protein Shake — I’m a busy mom who doesn’t always get to sit for a meal, so a banana cream protein shake is awesome.

Oogie’s Snacks Gourmet Popcorn – Mmm, kettlecorn!

Herbal Zap Party Detox Herbal Supplement — I love little vitamin boost mixes like this. The healthy boost is always appreciated.

Glee Gum Natural Chewing Gum — This stuff is good! And I love the cute, retro styled box.

Bakery on Main Double Chocolate Granola Bars — Granola bars are a staple in this house for on-the-go snacks and these are soft and chewy and awesome (my 4 year old basically inhaled it).

Curoxen First Aid Ointment — Organic first aid ointment is something I’ve weirdly never even considered. Happy to try this!

Fix Signature Sriracha Hot Sauce — I personally am not a fan of hot sauce but my husband is sometimes — I’ll work these little packets into his lunch and see what he thinks.

Tiger Balm Pain Relieving Patch — Another good staple for the medicine cabinet.


Summary: These boxes are seriously amazing considering they are 100% free. Just don’t expect to get one right away at signup (although you might get lucky!), and if you’re active on social media remember participate there as well to increase your chances.

Daily Goodie Box. It’s more than just Free Samples!

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