daily-goodie-box-novemberDaily Goodie Box (www.dailygoodiebox.com) sends out boxes of edible snacks and other goodies for free in exchange for honest feedback on the items. Signing up is free and painless (I haven’t been email spammed or anything) although it seems not everyone is guaranteed a box right when they sign up. It’s a fairly new program I think, and the hope is that the more people they get participating, the more products they will be able to get, so the more boxes they will send out.

The idea is once you review all the items in one box, you’re eligible for another. The whole thing has an Influenster/Vox Box feel to it in terms of waiting to get approved or “chosen,” (I have no idea how they pick people) but this has been mostly food products, with some beauty/medicine cabinet items, and it doesn’t require all the social sharing and side jobs. Just log back in to the Daily Goodie Box website and fill out a review for each item you received in your box.

You can sign up at http://dailygoodiebox.com — it’s pretty quick and 100% free.


I was offered a Daily Goodie Box monthly in exchange for posting reviews. Like last month’s box, this one arrived via USPS Priority Mail and upon opening was nicely packaged with a note and tissue paper. Here’s what I got:


Crunchmaster Multi Crackers — These were yummy, and made a great midafternoon snack just as they are (I like most crackers plain, though). Also gluten free, I like the sea salt, and they were super crunchy.

Among Friends Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix — So I haven’t actually made this yet but I’m so happy to get it! Tis the season of cookies and sweets, and while I do enjoy cooking from scratch there isn’t always time, especially when something is needed for a last minute event or get together. And I love that this mix is whole grain as I really strive for that in our house (and the gluten free is not something we need, but that’s nice too!). Looking forward to using this.

daily-goodie-box-chocolate-peanut-butterBetter Body Foods PBfit Peanut Butter Powder — Haven’t used this yet either but glad to get it as I know I will at some point. I’m not into adding water to make peanut butter  necessarily (we always have regular peanut butter in the house already) but I have seen baking recipes where you can add a bit of this for extra depth of flavor and a boost of protein. Goes great in chocolate cake and several kinds of cookies. Happy to have it!

Wild Foods Wild Chocolate Powder — I used this in a brownie recipe and they turned out delicious! I love the idea that it’s in a small pouch as it seems a nice size for their other suggestions of coffee and smoothies as well. I seriously may buy more of this as it tastes great and is Non-GMO, Fair Trade, and Certified Organic (plus Vegan and Paleo friendly!).

daily-goodie-box-barsGertrude Hawk Milk Chocolate Crispy Bar — Yay candy! Seriously, you can’t go wrong putting a full size chocolate bar in a sample food box. It was very good, and gone by the time I finished taking photos. :)

Mediterra Kale & Pumpkin Seeds Bar — I wanted to love this, I really did. It sounds all healthy and interesting and outside the usual types of foods I can find at my local stores. But something about the flavor just didn’t sit well with me. It was chewy, which I like, and more savory than sweet. It has a distinctive flavor that I suspect is a love/hate thing and I fell on the hate side. They can’t all be winners though, ha. I’m sure some people out there just LOVE these.

daily-goodie-box-nov-2Älsa – Energy Drink Mix — These are good! I get a kick out of little single serve packets like this (so easy to use) and the flavors are really fun — Dragon Fruit, Blueberry Pomegranate, and Three Citrus.

Eco Dent Natural Oral Care Program — A fun little sampler pack including “Between!” dental gum, Daily Care Baking Soda Toothpowder, and Ultimate Daily Rinse in Mint. The gum is good — mild minty flavor/stays chewy a long time, and the tooth powder and the rinse I have yet to try (but I will).

Goddess Garden Sunscreen & Firming Primer — I like this! But it is a really small sample so it’s hard to say how I would feel more long term as sometimes my skin takes a week or more to show a reaction. But it’s organic, free of harsh chemicals, and made with plant-based ingredients. All pluses in my book.

daily-goodie-box-lotionEarth Science 145 Night Renewal Facial Lotion — This is for men, which my husband thinks is hilarious (he’s not a product-applying kinda guy). I’m going to work on him to try this — after all he does get dry skin (especially in winter, who doesn’t?) and everyone could benefit from a little “renewing.” He just may become spoiled yet… ;)

BWC Travel Size Hand and Body Lotion — Can’t have too many little lotion bottles — I keep them in my purse and stashed various places around the house to fend off dry winter skin. Also this is fragrance free, so it make a good one to offer the hubby when he needs something.

Overall impression: Another fun box! I haven’t bothered to tally values for these as this box is always 100% free, but it’s one of the best in terms of high value, full-size (or deluxe sample size) products that I’ve come across. Also with the exception of the Goddess Garden, which I received as a similar sample in another type of box a month or so ago, all of these brands and products were brand new to me. Very happy and totally recommend signing up.

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