Wild Republic Switch-A-Rooz™ are stuffed animals stuffed with stuffed animals. Or, as the official description states, “Each realistic Switch-A-Rooz character has a unique inner strength and a BFF to help them take on challenges in the Land of Rooz.”

And apparently our house is now part of “the Land of Rooz” because sure enough, there’s a Switch-A-Rooz living here.


And his inner “BFF” too.

Switch-a-rooz-elephantI was sent this little cutie (or pair of cuties) for free in exchange for this review, and it really is darling. Very soft and well-made, with good stitching, eyes and noses and other parts that don’t have loose edges, visible glue, or other signs that they might want to pop (or be ripped) off at any moment, and really well-designed little bodies and animal shapes.

So how does this work, you ask? Well it’s kinda crazy. One is stuffed inside the other, and they transition like this:


Or, if this helps, here’s how they’re sewn together:


And this is the view from the bottom (a tad creepy? lol):

IMG_1442Regardless Zeplin LOVES this toy! Especially the tiger half — he carries him all around, and tries to feed/share treats and snacks with him, and give him drinks of water. There’s only one other of his stuffed animal afforded these privileges so far (“Blue Bear”), so that’s a pretty big deal.

The only issue I have is that the ‘secret BFF’ (i.e. the elephant half) doesn’t stay hidden very well — it falls out pretty easily and then you have a tiger toy with an upside-down elephant dangling off the bottom. I’m brainstorming ways to fix this, perhaps a couple of buttons with a little ribbon across the bottom would do it, and then this is really going to be an awesome little toy.

And guess what? I get to give two of them to give away!

Contest rules/information:

  • The giveaway starts at midnight on 9/22/15 and ends at midnight on 9/25/15.
  • Two winners will each receive one Switch-a-Rooz stuffed animal, to be mailed out within one month of contest end directly by Wild Republic (i.e. I am not responsible for prize fulfillment).
  • I will notify winners by email within 24 hrs of contest end. You will have THREE DAYS to get back to me with your contact and mailing information, otherwise you forfeit and I’ll draw a new winner.
  • Winners will also be posted here on this blog post (on the Rafflecopter widget below) by first name and last initial.
  • The exact Switch-a-Rooz received will be random, although Wild Republic did say you can “put in a request” from the website and they’ll honor it if they can. You can let me know if you have a request when we get in touch for winner/contact information.
  • Good luck! They really are super cute. :)

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