What Moms Want for Valentine's Day #momlife #gifts #ValentinesDayI’m a big fan of celebrating the little things and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Of course we should love each other everyday, but why not give each other a little “cherry on top” bit of personalized attention come Valentine’s Day? It’s those little moments, those simple but special days on the calendar, that help to keep life interesting and remind us why we chose each other in the first place. All those ages ago before there were babies and kids and family responsibilities gumming up the romantic works.

Ah, the little cuties. Kids really do gum things up, don’t they? Once you’re a mom nothing is as easy or as simple as it was before — even Valentine’s Day gets a little complicated. So what does romance and luxury look like to a woman in the thick of it with babies and little ones? Chocolates and flowers are always welcome, to be sure, but for most moms true love comes in a different form.

What moms really want for Valentine’s Day:

“A hot bath in more than just two inches of water! And food that is mine and only mine.” ~Hannah B.

“A spa day and sleep, a steak.” ~Lauren S.

“A hotel room to myself to sleep and a massage. Then when i get home i want my whole house clean and laundry done and put away.” ~Mary B.

I just want time with my best friends… they are busier than me, so I don’t hear from them much.” ~Jenne P.

I just want to sleep. And steak. And to go to a movie.” ~Madison M.

“I’d like to have a quiet dinner with my husband (we don’t get much time away from the kids), a nice shower without children/husband busting in the door every 30 seconds, a nap…yeah, that would all be really nice.” ~Jennifer P.

“A night alone with takeout, a hot bath and Netflix.” ~Donna W.

“A paycheck for just taking care of my babies. I would like the pay to be $36 hr.” ~Sequoia A.

“Wine to be free and on tap.” ~Emily S.

A nap and a dinner with just my hubby, since we never spend alone time.” ~Jenilee G.

” ZERO interruptions until I get out of bed by choice.” ~Jade F.

I would love something hand-made from the kids that my hubby helped them put together. And maybe a small bouquet of flowers!” ~Amber D.

I just want to sleep in!” ~Lindsey A.

“A cleaning lady.” ~Shayna E.

Chinese food, a movie, and a bath bomb bath!” ~Jessi L.

What my hubby gets me every year- chocolate (good quality), wine and flowers! Total stereotypical, but I love it!
Other great ideas: massage, mani/pedi, and a gift card for my favorite store.
” ~Hollie H.

A genuine massage that doesn’t last 5 minutes and is not followed by the intention of having sex.” ~Jacinta S.

“Sleep.” ~Laura W.

Dinner in bed! A nice hot dinner that someone else cooked, after a long hot shower and extra time to blow dry my hair afterwards. A good movie on tv with a glass of wine (still in bed). Hubby lying next to me would be nice but not a deal breaker.” ~Lana B.

Sushi and wine. Can even be at home. Just want something I didn’t make and is a ‘splurge’ food.” ~Jaclyn G.

A ‘just put on something nice, I’ve handled everything’ date. Between a 1 year old, 3 month old, karate, baseball, full time job, and wife and momma chores/duties I just don’t have it in me.” ~Candace M.

Alone time to catch up on my series, or a spa day.” ~Claire L.

If I could wake up naturally (not to a baby crying) and to not have to change a nappy/diaper for an entire day I would be in heaven.” ~Sarah K.

I want a nap.” ~Kate D.

I would love it if teachers didn’t give homework that day! Nobody wants to spend the night helping with homework.” ~Rania M.

As far as gifts I would like something meaningful like a necklace with our sons birthstone or something sweet like that. And of course flowers, chocolate and wine! I wouldn’t want to go out, far too busy for my family. We would rather stay in and order a heart shaped pizza… or two. A lot of moms prefer to be alone as a treat but I prefer spending the day with my boys and sharing my chocolates, but the wine is all mama’s when she takes her looong bubble bath at the end of the night.” ~Brittany R.

“Silence.” ~Nicole S.

Lots and lots of naps.” ~Julianne G.

“Someone to make me all three meals that day. I don’t care who makes them as long as I don’t step foot in the kitchen.” ~Abby G.

“SLEEP.” ~Alisha K.

To be super busy because I own a Chocolate company called DCS Chocolates, and if I’m busy on Valentine’s Day that means I’m making money… lol.” ~Tanya Q.

A day at home alone.” ~Christina D.

I’d like to get the love that i used to… before kids were involved, ha!” ~Kristi B.

My hair done.” ~Tiffany E.

Last year my husband got me a dozen mini succulents, so I would love to get another dozen! Oh bath bombs & chocolate covered cherries! *I’m not a flower person so I LOVE the fact he got me a dozen of my plants!” ~Jennifer F.

I am due on the 12th so I would probably just like some sleep and nipple cream.” ~Alexandra M.

My favorite gift for all occasions (valentines, birthday, anniversary, etc): He cooks dinner, bathes and puts the kids to bed while I relax in bed and watch TV. Then a body massage from him and a little romp and cuddle.” ~Tasia M.

I want him to secure a babysitter and have dinner with just the two of us. Moms always makes the plans… just please take the reins on this one.” ~Jennifer G.

I’d love to get my hair or nails done, have a spa day, and one night away for me and hubby without babies — a whole evening and the next morning until noon.” ~Emily B.

A nap, an uninterrupted shower, maybe a pedi.” ~Brittany B.

My ultimate wish list: Keenz stroller wagon, crossbody purse and nice wallet, date night with my husband, massage.” ~Brittany H.

I want to watch a movie… rated R straight through – no pausing. Husband present during movie is optional.” ~Carley S.

All I want is one very special thing: to sleep in. Like, really actually sleep in. Don’t wake me AT ALL unless you have coffee or someone has lost a limb.” ~Victoria K.

What’s on your Valentine’s Day wish list? Share in the comments!

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