Totsbots Bamboozle fitteds for overnight

TotsBots Bamboozle Bamboo Stretch Fitteds in colors “Natural” and “Splosh”

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TotsBots Bamboozle Stretch Fitted Cloth Diapers (what a mouthful) are made from super soft and absorbent rayon bamboo. Although suitable for any time of day they are especially popular for overnights due to their rare combination of trim fit and high absorbancy. We have been cloth diapering Zeplin almost from the get-go (about a week old is when we started I think) but we’ve been doing disposables overnight that entire time primarily for absorbancy and comfort/bulk reasons.

TotsBots review cloth diapers

TotsBots Bamboozles only come in hook & loop, but it’s highly sticky/strong, and the laundry tabs have never come undone for us in the washer.

Disposables were working wonderfully for us at night, and I was content save a sneaking, nagging desire to find a cloth solution (just for the bragging rights of being 100% cloth maybe? Who knows). But with Zeplin sleeping 10+ hours a night, absorbancy was definitely a priority — a problem — for cloth. Plus I liked the trim, non-bulky fit of disposables and didn’t want to start stuffing rolls and rolls of prefolds or inserts between my baby’s little legs. Seemed uncomfortable!

Tots Bots Bamboozle Fitted Diaper Unboxing

Bamboozles are made in the UK and I love how the instructions refer to them as “nappies.” I.e. “TotsBots award winning reusable nappies.”

Enter the MySweetPickles Fan Chat page on Facebook, and one woman’s request that almost exactly matched mine: An overnight solution that would handle a heavy wetter but not be so bulky that her side-sleeping baby would be uncomfortable (too much bulk in the crotch = a leg “dangling” up in the air for side sleepers). There was an overwhelming consensus of people that recommended TotsBots Bamboozle Fitteds as an answer to her issue, so it made me think maybe they’d work for me too. Everyone said they were so trim and so absorbent. That’s what we need! Worth a try.

TotsBots size 2 bamboo cloth diaper

Each “nappy” comes with a removable insert that snaps in and out at the front.

So I went for it, and ordered two to start. They were a bit of a pain to prep because they need 10 washes to reach full absorbancy, but I put them in every laundry load we did (both regular clothes and diapers) for just shy of a week and considered them ready to try after 7 washes. So soft for sure! It really is hard to put brand new diapers on a baby bum, ha. They’re so soft and pretty, and what happens to them while worn is not! But that’s their purpose, so on they went.

Bamboozle Fitted Nappie review

The inserts match the diaper! Mixing and matching can be a silly kind of fun. :)

And they worked great! Their incredible softness (“buttery” even, as I’ve heard said) made me happy for my little guy’s sleeping comfort, and while slightly bulkier than a disposable they are also much trimmer than the prefolds Zeplin wears during the day. So I still feel he gets at least a little bit of a diaper “break,” and I don’t worry that he’s packed so tight he can’t move comfortably. They’re also easy to put on, the velcro feels really high quality, and they’re very absorbent. We definitely need the included snap-in insert, but nothing else extra. Yay!

Totsbots bamboo fabric closeup

Fabric closeup

There is one aspect that has taken some experimenting, however: finding the right cover (all fitteds need a cover to be waterproof). We’re a prefolds family so I have a bunch to work with (Thirsties, Flips, Sweet Pea, and Blueberry), but it’s been a little tricky finding the right combination. The issue is a little bit of wicking that happens out the top front (by the belly button) where Zeplin’s PJ elastic presses in — it can sometimes make contact with the bamboo if the cover shifts down even a little.

I started by snapping the Bamboozles rise down by one and opening the covers all the way up to full rise, but still the only cover that has worked reliably is the Blueberry One-Size Coveralls. They provide more coverage, especially up the front, and it’s just enough to make a difference and keep everything completely under wraps all night for my little wiggly worm.

Of course we would have only one Blueberry right now (ha), so the next best cover for us has been Thirsties. I think it’s the little span of elastic they have at the top front that helps the cover “hug in” over the top of the TotsBots. They work well enough, just an occasional leak gets through the top — and even then it’s just damp PJ elastic, haven’t had anything make it out to the sleep sack or bedding.

Totsbots Bamboozle fit on a toddler

TotsBots Bamboozle Fitted in size 2 on my 24lb 15mo old.

So we have now officially switched over to the Bamboozle Fitteds for overnights! Zeplin fits great in a size 2, and they are very forgiving thanks to the stretch and super soft elastic at the legs. Also I much prefer snaps to hook & loop (these are actually the only hook & loop I own) but that hasn’t been a problem either — it’s super sticky, fits just fine at the waist, and the laundry tabs hold well. The Bamboozles do seem to stain easily, and I would definitely recommend unsnapping the rise for washing as the tight fold tends to collect stains/not quite rinse clean whenever I forget. But bonus! They come in really fun colors. You have to cover them up with a cover, so it’s a little silly, but the stripes are cheerful and bright and the dark ones (like Splosh) don’t show stains as easily.

Summary: I’m totally loving TotsBots Bamboozle Bamboo Fitteds for overnights. They are admittedly the only fitteds I own or have ever tried, but I think I am spoiled now for all others (at least for the time being).

Where to buy: Amazon, MySweetPickles,

Update March 2018: Still loving these! Using them with baby #2, now 9 months old, for overnights. Elastics and velcro still working well, also still soft and absorbent and no holes or other major wear. Still 100% recommend them almost 3 years later, plus they have more designs now including clouds and raindrops.

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