POPSUGAR-Must-Have-July-2015The Popsugar Must Have box is a curated monthly subscription that promises “the best full-size surprises in fashion, beauty, home, fitness, & food.” It costs $39.95/month with free shipping.

POPSUGAR-Must-Have-July-Unboxing Zeplin was helping unbox — see his little fingers? :)

POPSUGAR-July-InspirationThere’s a different theme/set of themes for every month, and for July it was beach days, easy travel, summer heat, Fourth of July, and stripes.

POPSUGAR-July-ExplanationsThere’s an informational card in each box with full descriptions and values of everything included.

POPSUGAR-unboxing-JulyThis is my first Popsugar Must Have. Looks exciting!

POPSUGAR-Must-Have-Box-July-UnboxingHere’s what I got…

POPSUGAR-July-Henry-Beidel-BagHenri Bendel Signature Stripe Canvas Dopp Kit, $28 This is my new favorite makeup bag (way better than the little Ipsy ones, although those have their uses too). It’s big enough to hold the basics, without being too huge, and it has two awesome features:

POPSUGAR-Must-Have-BagA waterproof lining that wipes clean, and a super-wide top opening, so you can really see everything inside. Plus I like the fresh stripes, and it comes with a 20% off coupon to HenriBendel.com.

POPSUGAR-Must-Have-ToothbrushPopDental Portable Toothbrush, $19 I use a sonic toothbrush every day, and while I have traveled with it this little cutie is much more convenient while on the road. It came just in time for our family vacation and, as a an added bonus, it fit in my Henri Bendel makup bag! It takes a AAA battery (included) and lasted for a 6 day trip, no problem.

 Yes-To-Facial-WipesYes To Blueberries Cleansing Facial Wipes, $6 Love these! Have been getting lots of facial wipes in subscription boxes lately but that’s okay because I really can’t get enough — they’re just so great for those mornings/nights when I’m just too tired/stressed/busy/forgetful to officially wash my face. Also great for a midday refresh in this humid Midwestern summer weather.

IMG_1070Sorial Card Case, $28 This is a nice little card case, but unfortunately I won’t use it as I already have a slim little wallet that I love that zips shut (I’m kinda neurotic about things falling out). It does have lots of pockets and slots for all kinds of things though, and it comes with a $25 coupon to ShopSorial.com. I’m sure I can find someone to gift it to.

Popsugar-SupergoopSupergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50, $28 This is something I would never have Popsugar-Must-Have-Supergoopbought myself, but am super happy to have. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but the idea of ‘setting it in place’ is awesome, especially with a lightweight spray. Also, perhaps the best feature, is as an easy face-friendly spray-on sunscreen to use throughout the day. I use moisturizer and foundation with sunscreen, but generally don’t reapply either of those mid-day. This makes it much more realistic to stay protected on long outdoor summer days without retreating to a bathroom to completely redo my face. (Plus it’s a really generous bottle, and has a happy box.)


The dress is tulle/fabric, and there’s a little ribbon and gemstone at the waist.


Made of a thick (1/8″?) resin material for a heavy-weight hello statement


3-D paper-layered-on-paper plus a little dose of glitter

Hallmark Signature Greeting Cards, $15+ These are awesome! All three-dimensional and very unique. I do love to send cards and include them with gifts, but also have a hard time spending too much on something that’s essentially part of the wrapping. These unique, and very substantial, cards will be lots of fun to give away!

Good-Bean-PopsugarThe Good Bean Fruit & Nut Bar in Chocolate Berry, $2 I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love it when subscription boxes include an edible treat! And this one was very tasty and right up my want-to-be-more-health-conscious alley because it’s made with chickpeas, blueberries, cherries, and dark chocolate, plus it’s non-GMO certified (also vegan-friendly and gluten free). Nummy.

Summary: The total value of this box is $117, which is really good for the $40 price tag. And with the exception of the card case, I love and will use everything in this box, which makes this my favorite/best value box yet!


Interested in getting a Popsugar Must Have box for yourself? I’m pretty sure the August boxes are already sold out, but you can sign up now and get one in September. :)


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