Pinch-Me-November-625x530 (1)PINCHme is a free sample service. Every month on “Sample Tuesday” they release a limited number of free samples to their members, customized based on a fairly in-depth profile. Members are only offered samples that fit their profile, and of the options you can choose up to 4 to receive for free each month. There is no catch or hidden costs (the samples are free, shipping is free) but in order to remain eligible for future samples members must complete short surveys (via the website) about what they thought of each product.

A few notes: It may be that they just don’t have much for my demographic but in my experience they have never had more than 4 samples available at one time (so I haven’t really had choices, I’ve just taken everything offered), and once (this review actually, see below) they only had one item available. Also it’s worth noting that PINCHme boxes take a long time to arrive. They say “up to 5 weeks” on the website and in my experience it’s always about that. If not slightly longer.

Anyway, on to this month’s delivery (received in November, actually “ordered” early October) — here’s what I got:


PinchMe Unboxing NovemberThe lone sample I was offered in October was Enfagrow Next Step nutritional drink for toddlers. It arrived as a single full-sized single-serve carton with a promotional card and a “$100 off $160” coupon from (lol – drink for baby, drink for mom).

Pinch Me EnfagrowThis is something I was excited to try. I don’t use these shakes on a regular basis with Zeplin but they really are invaluable when we have a “day out” to something special like grandma’s house where he really has a hard time settling down to eat. The first drinks I bought were frustratingly sugary (second ingredient!). This one, happily, was not. And he still loved it!

Summary: PINCHme is a fun and easy way to get a few freebies and try some new products. The surveys are short (3 or 4 questions, multiple choice) and you have a long time to complete them (usually a month+). I’d like to see more product options, but I wonder if maybe others have better luck and it’s just me/my profile? Ha. Otherwise highly recommended — I’ve been doing it for several months now (this is my first review but my third box, I believe) and it really is completely free.

If you’d like to give it a try for yourself click here! And it would be awesome if you’d enter my referral code, 722X5, during signup and earn me a few reward points while you’re at it. :)

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