It’s that time of year again — the holidays are over and I’m sitting in my living room, sipping a cup of hot tea and eating a 3-day-old Christmas cookie while watching my toddler play intently with his new wooden train set. The baby is sleeping, and the silence is both peaceful and strange. Like I’ve left a loud concert and my ears are still ringing with echoes of laughter and to-do lists and holiday visits to family and friends.

And my next to-do: come up with some kind of plan for the coming year.

Eek! New Year’s resolutions. We love to make them, and to break them. I don’t get too official about it, but the New Year is a great time to evaluate how things are going and set some goals and aspirations for the immediate future. Stuff like “get over this new baby funk already and get on a regular showering schedule,” “stop grocery shopping by the seat of your pants and start meal planning,” and “make one bajillion dollars while working from home and taking care of my kids” are tops on my list this year.

What’s on yours? Just for fun I asked a few other moms to share what their resolutions are this year, and here’s what they had to say.

“First and foremost the goal is to NOT have another baby. I had a baby last year and another one a month ago. Second is to be more patient. Patient with the kids and the husband.” ~Heather W. 

“My new years resolution is to get my preschooler to eat one food that is the color green. I would consider guacamole a win. I would also like to make it to more than 50% of the exercise classes I sign up (and pay) for. Would be a 100% improvement from last year.” ~Kay T.

“Not care anymore that the play-dough colors get mixed together forming a giant, gross, ugly, brown blob!” ~Allison W.

“Resolution: to be more independent and firm in how I want to live the rest of my life without drama and stress from others.” ~Penny B. 

“To send birthday cards to our family (parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, grandparents).” ~Sarah P.

“I hope to have the family eat at the table for dinner more! We have gotten into the habit of eating in front of the tv and are missing out on some prime family time. I’m pretty sure I need to up my cooking skills for this too!” ~Tori M. 

“My goal is to be flexible and go easy on myself.” ~Melissa A. 

I need to drink more water. I don’t know why this is an issue, but it is. Other stuff just tastes better. And has necessary ingredients!” ~Kendra J.

“I really want to lose some weight. But I said that last year. And the year before. Times infinity… I want to start trying to have another baby in February, so what’s the point in losing weight right now. Plus chocolate is a thing. I always say, calories don’t count during the holidays. My body didn’t get the memo I guess. Maybe I’ll lose weight for my 2019 resolution. For 2018, I’ll focus on getting in the mindset to lose weight in 2019.” ~Myrissa C. 

“Abs. I want abs.” ~Stephanie P.

“I decided to cut the crap in 2018 and chose 2 things to focus on: Improving relationships (mostly with my friends, most of which are also mums now), and what I am calling ‘mise en place’ (decluttering, simplifying & putting away, etc).” ~Kathleen T. 

“Keep the kids alive.” ~Heather L.

Be more patient and not lose my sh*! as often, but with 4 kids that’s laughable.” ~Jenilee G.

“Quit smoking. Be better at budgets. Start saving money for a good family vacation.” ~Sara W.

“My New Years resolutions are to pop a baby out and instantly lose around 10lbs. Then it is to try and sleep, eat, work, and blog all without going crazy with a 2 year old and a newborn.” ~Rachel B. 

“Try meal prepping and STICK WITH IT.” ~Amber D.

“Get ready in the morning more often and at least look half put together while rocking my leggings and over-sized shirt for the daily kid drop offs and pick ups!” ~Juliam H. 

“Less tv and more books, workout more than once every couple months, only lose it once a morning before school drop off, and control the clutter.” ~Nicole G.

“Stay off my phone! They’re only little once and I refuse to keep missing out by playing on my phone so much.” ~Allison W.

I don’t do resolutions. I heard someone somewhere say they adopt a word for the year. Like: grateful. And then try different things to show that word. Or ways to embody the word.” ~Monica J.

“Take a shower EVERY DAY. Eat an actual meal… a hot meal! Not a few cold fries as I’m scraping the plate before doing the dishes for the 17th time.” ~Ashley F. 

I want to become vegan (my husband has been for over a year), do yoga or stretching for at least 20min daily, and most of all I really want to get a meditation practice going. I want to do this with the kids ages 6 and 3. I’d like for time outs to be a time when they can sit quietly and reflect and recharge. I cannot imagine what I might have accomplished if I had learned to quiet my mind at an early age. These are lofty goals, I realize, but I think that the payoff will be huge and will keep us working at it all through the year. No perfection necessary!” ~Stacy R. 

“I am going to incorporate more plant based meals, at least for myself. I just haven’t been liking meat lately. I figure my body is trying to tell me something and I’m going to honor that. I also want to read more. I used to read 50+ books a year. In the last 3 years I read a total of 15 books. I don’t know why I can’t find the time to read but 2018 I’m going to make time.” ~Brandi H. 

“Mine are lame: 
Get a hobby.
Lose some weight. 
Get my sh*! together.” ~Tamra G.

“Mine is to pay off all debt except student loans (because that’s not gonna happen this year), quit my 2nd job, and have a good balance in the Disney account. I’d love to go next year and skip Christmas!” ~Rachel T.

“Quit cursing so much.” ~Jessica W.

“Go to the spa more. And have more margaritas by the pool. Fo’ real!!!” ~Sonia C.

“The usual: treat my body better and lose weight. With the kids it’s less spanking and yelling.” ~Kassie M. 

“Take more pictures.” ~Macy W. 

“Win the lottery and hire a full time house keeper who actually puts the laundry away. Maybe even try to cook healthy food that’s actually good. Oh and keep my kids alive for another year. You know, the little things.” ~Heather D. 

“Take a vacation with my SO and NO kids. It’s been too long.” ~Laura C. 

“Read my Bible all the way through… past Genesis 15.” ~Jessica S.

“My goals for 2018 are to declutter 2,018 items from my house, lose 15 lbs, and paint my bedroom and master bathroom.” ~Tammy A.

“Resolution: less yelling and stop cursing. (I sound horrible saying that lol, it’s not on a sailor level or anything I swear.)” ~Shawna Z. 

Do yoga and learn Spanish.” ~Destanie G. 

“Have a full cup of HOT Coffee before I do a million things for everyone else.” ~Emily G. 

“Clean my apartment more than once every 2 weeks.” ~Paige R

“To leave the house not covered in Cheerios or spit up. My expectations are really low this year.” ~Alysha J. 

“To keep the house clean! Bahahahaha. And to swear less… and of course, lose weight. I’m pregnant, due in April, but I’d like to lose it by the end of the year.” ~Kali B. 

“Honestly, spend more time with my daughter without my phone. She’s growing up so quickly; I can’t get time back with her.” ~Jade F.

“Go through the terabyte of photos I have from the past 7 years and actually print pictures and put together albums for my kids.” ~Kimberly H. 

“Not feed my child goldfish as a meal. Try to get him to eat one fruit or vegetable a day. Just one, please!” ~Samantha M.

“Motherhood summed up in 3 words: 
2. Worry 
3. Guilt 

2018 goals: 
1. Love more (I already love them so much!) 
2. Worry less (is this even possible!!!???!!!)
3. Enough with the ‘mom guilt’ already!”

~Serin B.

“To have a clean kitchen every night… ok, at least a clean sink before I go to bed. Who am I kidding, I have a 5 month old. Bwaahahahaa” ~Amy B. 

“My goal for 2018 is to date my spouse again, and make sure to keep him in mind first.” ~Santana D. 

“Live in the moment and embrace and appreciate all the little/big moments of baby and toddlerhood, with high hopes of self care for my sanity!” ~Kate S. 

“I have three: 1. Daily prayer 2. Yoga/running 3. (Board) game night with my kids once a month.” ~Kate E.

“I resolve to yell less. I resolve to cuss less in front of my child. ‘Less’ is key here.” ~Cheryl R. 

“Wean my 16 month old, reconnect with my husband, find a job, and stay healthy.” ~Nicole L.

“Clear out our cellar so that we can actually go into it without being swallowed alive and forever lost under a mountain of junk.” ~Anita R. 

“To get rid of ALL the clutter. And if that means all the kids’ loud, obnoxious toys need to go so be it!” ~Jill F. 

“My resolution is to focus on ME occasionally. For example 1. Eat a HOT meal without anyone sitting in my lap. 2. Eat a dessert I don’t have to share. 3. Eat one meal uninterrupted. 4. Go to the bathroom in peace (no gifts or body parts sliding under the door). As you can see most of my focus centers around food.” ~Mimi U.

“I will clone myself so I can attend all 3 of my kids’ sporting events and activities. My true goal is to lessen my load and focus on my health and well-being. 2018 will be a year about discarding the old, organizing, and creating new things.” ~Karla C. 

“To invent time travel so I can repeat the days that go by without my having time to work out, go to the bank, or see my babies. And invent salad that tastes like chocolate with salad dressing that tastes like red wine.” ~Julie B.

“Family: go to more state parks this summer
Mom goal: make a real dinner more often. (I.e. less boxes Mac and cheese, more homemade). That theoretically my kids will eat.” ~Samantha B. 

“I’d like to schedule some alone time with the hubby. Maybe some date nights to reconnect. Between 2 toddlers, work, and keeping up on the house, alone time suffers first. I want to put more of a priority on it because it’s very important to the health of our relationship.” ~Michelle D.

“Make myself an actual lunch each day instead of just finishing what my toddler refuses to eat. I’m getting really tired of pb&j with the crust cut off.” ~Kristen B.

“Be less hard on myself! Heck the kids don’t notice when things are less than perfect so just let it go!” ~Sandy H.

“Have more fun, be more present (have ‘distraction free’ time each day), and laugh everyday.” ~Connie D.

“Have less screen time, be more present with my babies, wake up earlier than the babies so I can spend time alone in meditation/setting my intentions for the day, and actually make the time to do my hair instead of throwing it into a ponytail all the time!” ~Rebecca M.  

“My resolution is to learn to live and be in the moment with my family , every 3 months take a 3 day getaway with my husband, spend more time with the kids , and become healthier.” ~Michelle S. 

“I’m dropping alcohol! lol” ~Reina S. 

“I had a lot of success with my resolutions last year by picking 12 things I wanted to accomplish and assigning one per month. Some were easy, like read 12 books (ordered off Amazon Boxing Day and kept one by bedside each month. Others were like book all kids dental visits in January so the year is preplanned. Some were longer term, like create a useable shopping list. I think I achieved all except the get in shape.” ~Nadine F. 

“Drink less. Who am I kidding, I’m 44 with a 4 year old.” ~Christi T. 

“Zero resolutions!!!” ~Talia B.

Find any favorites in this list? Share your resolutions in the comments!





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