Graze-Review-OctoberGraze is a recurring snack subscription box — you can choose the size of your box and how often its delivered: every week, every two weeks, or once a month. Prices are $6.99 for a 4 snack box, $11.99 for an 8 snack box, and $25 for a sharing box. Shipping is free, and use code RIGELB8LB to get your 1st and 5th boxes free (woOt!).

Graze promises that their foods contain no GMO ingredients, no artificial flavors or colors, no high-fructose corn syrup, and no trans fats.

Graze-review-oct-unboxingGraze snacks are always a surprise but they offer a ridiculous number of customization options for setting parameters around what you will and won’t get. There’s a voting system, where you can view example snacks and rate them “try, like, love, or trash,” they have a “dietary preferences” page where you can trash all snacks with any specific ingredient (dairy, for example, or wheat/gluten), and there are preset box categories for limiting yourself to only low calorie, low sugar, high protein, or ‘high energy’ snacks.

They do go to great lengths to say that everything is prepared in the same facility, however, so even though ingredients can be ‘unchecked’ some cross-contamination is still possible (i.e. if you have a severe nut allergy Graze is not for you).

October-Graze-ReviewThis is a 4-snack box. All the snacks are packaged individually, in really cute little boxes with tear-off plastic tops. Be aware that the serving sizes are nutritionist-approved, which means they seem really tiny until you get used to them (at least they did for me).

Here’s what I got:

graze-thai-sweet-chiliThai Sweet Chili Bites, 80 cals These are good! The “sweet chili” description sounds scary but they aren’t hot at all. More like a seasoned sweet and sour sauce. And the the ‘bites’ are little rice cakes, basically.

graze-fruit-seed-flapjackFruit and Seed Flapjack, 230 cals Flapjacks are always my favorite and this one is no exception. Soft and sweet and chewy, this one has big seeds so seems healthier than some of the other more dessert-like versions!

graze-chili-lime-cashewsChili Lime Cashews Cashews aren’t my favorite, but I haven’t checked them off my preferences list because they are so healthy and I do enjoy them in small doses. This chili lime flavor mix was not very appetizing though, ha! Hopefully will not get these again.

graze-popping-cornLightly Salted Popping Corn, 130 cals Love this! Mostly because it popped up to make a pretty good sized bowl of popcorn. It was plain, just lightly salted, but it made for a really satisfying yet low calorie afternoon snack. And the bowl was big enough to share some with Zeplin. :)

Summary: Enjoyed this box for the most part, everything except those nasty cashews were great (I need to log in and mark those particular cashews as off limits!). The single-serve popcorn was a fun surprise, and the other two were good.

Interested in trying out a Graze box for yourself? Don’t forget to use coupon code RIGELB8LB at checkout to get your 1st and 5th boxes FREE (and you’ll give me a referral credit to boot, tyvm!)

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