*This post contains affiliate links. Please see my Disclosure Policy for more information.Glossybox1Glossybox is a monthly beauty subscription box that promises 5 deluxe or full sized products for $21/month.

GlossyBox-October-1The goodies come in a branded box, this month being a special edition with a special design (the boxes are usually a glossy pink).

GlossyBox-October-2Not sure what I’ll do with it but it’s a beautiful box! The design is continued on the inside lid as well.

Glossybox-Unboxing-OctoberThere is a basic beauty profile, so boxes are somewhat customized, but it seems that most October boxes received these same items. You can rate and review the products you receive in order to better customize future boxes, and earn “Glossydots” for discounts.

Glossybox-Info-Card-OctAn information card detailing each product is included. Here’s what I got:

Glossybox-PhytokeratinePHYTO Phytokeratine Repairing Thermal Protectant Spray, $12 Excited to try this! I don’t heat style a lot except my bangs, but my hair is very delicate so even the little bit I do everywhere else leaves a toll. Have not tried a thermal protectant before but am sure I will love it as long as it doesn’t weigh my hair down.

Glossbox-NuxeNUXE Gentle Exfoliating Gel With Rose Petals, $24 (full size) Also happy to get and try this — I can’t get enough exfoliating face scrubs, especially very gentle ones designed for sensitive skin.

Glossybox-Aqua-UniversalisMaison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Universalis, $13 Bergamot, lemon, and lily of the valley are combined in this ‘woody and citrusy’ scent to to evoke “the ideals of a modern Marie Antoinette.” It’s nice, but I’m pretty picky about fragrance (who isn’t?) and this is not something I see myself wearing. I think it’s the Bergamot, because I normally love citrus and lily of the valley!

Glossybox-De-BruyereDe Bruyere Paris Red Lipgloss, $17.50 (full size) I love lip gloss — wear it exclusively over lipstick — and this is a really pretty shade of red. A little bright for me, but it’s gloss, so it’s sheer and I think I can work with it.

Glossybox-LollipopsLollipops Make Up Paris Nail Laquer in “Voyage A Paris”, $10 (full size) Woo red! Ha. More brightness. I could maybe work with this, for fun, but I got the best red ever in my September Ipsy so am not sure how much I’ll use this one.

Total Value: $76.50

Summary: A great value for the $21/mo price tag, and it’s a nice mix of products. Hoping to see more personalization next month (I put in my beauty profile that I don’t like bold colors, but I think this month was a special edition box and everyone got the same regardless), and am not excited to see a fragrance item as they are so super personal and rarely a ‘win’ for me. The packaging is awesome, however, and coming from Ipsy the products are all significantly larger and feel more high-end. Overall very happy! Eagerly looking forward to my next one.

Use this link to get your own Glossybox!

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