There are certain fashion looks that are always a hit, no matter what kind of crowd you find yourself in at a holiday party or get together.

The Christmas Sweater

For example, the Christmas sweater. This guy is really feeling his confidence level soar. Why you say? Too much eggnog? No. It’s his sweater! He knows he looks right for the season. He brings the Christmas spirit with him wherever he goes in this stunning holiday look.

Reindeer Antlers

The second look is the ever popular Reindeer Antler Headband. A well deserved nod to the under appreciated reindeers who, lets be frank, without them Santa would not be able to do that magic that he does so well. Am I right? And talk about fun! These hats are a sure fire way to bring the fun factor to a party or even a family dinner! Feel a little silly with the only pair on? Bring extras (they are so inexpensive!) and pass them around. People will practically fight over these beauties. And yes, they compliment every outfit, casual or classy!

Christmas Skirt

Christmas tree skirt

Next we have the festive Christmas skirt. You will receive looks of joy as you twirl about the dance floor in this easy to make high fashion statement. Just buy a felt or cotton Christmas tree skirt (they are on sale every where now!) adjust the waist size by cutting it larger if need be, cut a slit up the side, and then once on and ready to go simply staple the side seam back together and there you are! Wow! No hum-bug attitude here.

Christmas Socks

Christmas SocksAnd last but not least, something for those of us that have a bit of wall flower in us. We don’t want to stand out in the crowd too much so these are just the thing: the Christmas socks. Just imagine you are working the crowd, mingling, you have your safe and trusty classics on, and then you sit down (drink and cheese puffs in hand), cross your legs and Bam! There he is, Frosty the Snowman saying a little “Hello” as he pops out from under your pantleg hem. People will be delighted! And isn’t that what it’s all about? Bringing joy and happiness to others? You bet it is.

In closing remember that if you like it, if it makes you laugh and feel happy, Christmas sweater or whatever, then wear it and have fun. People who try too hard to be cool never are.

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