Face Mask Alchemy is a monthly sub box that sends ingredients to mix your own all-natural face masks at home. Each month features a new theme and supplies enough ingredients to make 3-5 masks. Cost is $10.88/mo.

Theme for September was “Banana Pancakes.” Info/instruction card and separate bubble envelope holding the ingredient goodies.








Lots of interesting bits on the info card about how clay masks work, etc.

Unpacking the black bubble envelope: Mask mix and the cutest little glass dropper of organic Hawaiian macadamia nut oil.

Also this little wooden mixing spoon was hiding in the bottom of the bag (I almost missed it!).







Mask mix opened, and then mixed — super easy. Just stir together the powder with a little water and a few drops of the oil. This is one application. Then there’s enough left to make 2-4 more masks.

I wasn’t really in the mood to take a pic of my face (sorry, ha) so here is the mask on my hand. It’s fairly lightweight, and has zero fragrance whatsoever! If you really wanted to say it smells like something it would be clay. But so so faint.

Summary: I liked it! The mask left my skin feeling soft and refreshed, and overall very “clean,” by which I mean pure and natural. I kinda missed it not having a fragrance (especially with the yummy sounding “banana pancakes” theme), but that also helped it feel super healthy and beneficial.



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