fffspring2015I’ve mentioned before that I’m in the midst of “getting my mojo back” after having a baby more than a year ago (I know, about time already!) and part of the plan is fun subscription boxes that encourage me to look good (hello Golden Tote!) and feel good/be healthier: Fab Fit Fun!

Fab Fit Fun is a quarterly subscription box (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) of “everything you need to be your most beautiful from the inside out.” It costs $49/box with free shipping, and promises a value of $100+.

fffspring2015_2 I signed up at the end of May, which put me at the tail end of the “Spring Box” window. It arrived in a pretty, well-packaged box with a brochure detailing all the contents.

fffspring2015_3The shipping was slow (9 days via FedEx Smartpost) but considering they only send boxes once every three months I suppose speed isn’t a high priority. And it’s free, so I can be patient!

fffspring2015_5First out of the box: Jules Smith Scarf in “Modern Art Prints”, $42

Love this! Would not have pegged myself for liking a “modern art” based pattern but the colors are really flattering on me and I don’t have anything else like it. Interestingly I also got a Jules Smith bracelet in my Golden Tote a couple weeks ago (they must be doing a marketing push).

DSC09906Next up: Rifle Paper Co. Cities Coasters Set, $16

DSC09907Like these. I love the artists style, although I’m not a traveler or a city girl at heart so the city-scape focus is only so-so for me. They are nice and heavy-weight paper/cardboard though, and we are actually in need of coasters right now so they’ll definitely get used.

fffspring2015_6Palmetto Derma Collagen Booster and Restoration Serum, $48

Love this! Perfect for my ‘mojo plan’ to have something new for anti-aging. Goes on easy and feels fresh. I imagine it to be working wonders as we speak.

fffspring2015_7ORLY Nail BB Cream, $15

ORLY Nail Polish in “Cake Pop”, $8.50

Love both of these as well. The BB Cream really is like make-up for nails — it dries to a smooth matte finish and makes my nails look better without being polished. And the Cake Pop is regular nail polish, nothing special, but I do really like the pale pink.

fffspring2015_8Merrithew 3 DVD Set “Intense Body Blast”, $36

I was excited for this one because I’m looking to lose some weight but while the routines certainly look and feel effective (I’ve only tried the first “beginner” one so far) the trainer/atmosphere is pretty dull and dry. It gets the job done though, and there is an option to turn the trainer’s prompts off so you can work out with your own music, which could help (once you’ve got it down).

Note: This also came with a $25 gift card to Merrithew.com, but you can’t use it towards shipping and the charges seem really high ($10+ for workout DVDs, for example) so it’s not something I’m interested in using. And I don’t think coupons that require you to spend money should count towards the overall value of the box anyway (they’re more of a bonus).

fffspring2015_4Sprout It App Card + Miracle Grow Gro-able Seed Pod, $1.49 + free app download

Love it! Because I love anything gardening. I was on the late end of the Spring shipment though so I planted this in a container (so I can move it indoors in the fall to avoid frost) and it has already sprouted and is growing beautifully! Two tomato seedlings came up. I didn’t download the app yet, I may or may not get around to checking that out.

fffspring2015_9OFRA Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brush Duo (#11 and #20), $45.90

Like these. Not a big makeup brush user (always end up using my fingers to blend and smudge) but I’m interested in giving these a try, and since I also signed up for Ipsy I may have a chance soon!

fffJune2015_3Cosmos Creations Premium Puffed Corn, $1.49

Love it! Always love edible treats, and these were really good.

fffspring2015_10Yasi Metallic Flash Tattoos, $36?

Like these… but the retail value must be a misprint? They’re nice tattoos, but there’s no branding to speak of on the package and they aren’t any different than something you’d find at a dollar store for $5, tops. And I did find actual Yasi-brand tattoos on Amazon for $3 + shipping.

fffspring2015_12Hello Fresh Gift Card, $40 off first week

Like this. Another coupon that requires you to spend money to see the value, so that’s a bummer, but this is also a pretty good deal (more than 50% off) so I’m thinking I may actually use it, which is a thumbs up! I’ll keep you posted if I do.

fffspring2015_11Vow to Be Chic Gift Card, $125 off with rental or purchase of another dress

Another for the “must pay to play” pet peeve, and this one I definitely won’t use. It is a great value though (buy one/get one free, essentially) if you’re in the market for a couple of ‘little white dresses’ to wear to weddings or other special events.


Total value (minus the ‘pay to play’ coupons and overpriced tattoos): $214

Summary: I’m really happy with this box. It has a nice mix of beauty and lifestyle products, most of which I’ll either get good use out of or will have fun experimenting with. It is also all nicely tailored to the season (spring). It definitely served its purpose for me of entertainment mixed with at least a few genuinely useful/needed items. It’s a win!


If you decide to give Fab Fit Fun a try use my referral link and get us both $10 off!


Bonus: The white packing shreds are perfect for re-purposing as “snow” come Christmas or in Easter baskets next Spring. :)


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