Ecocentric Mom BoxEcocentric Mom is a lifestyle subscription box for moms that promises “goodies that are pure, healthy, useful and fun,” and curated for your specific stage of mommyhood. They have pregnancy, mom and baby, and mom boxes. The cost is $24.95/mo (or every other month) with free shipping, and discounts for longer subscriptions.

Ecocentric Mom Nov Unboxing 2I got the “mom box” because it looked like Zeplin is beyond a lot of what they would send for babies, and honestly he doesn’t need anything right now and could care less about getting a subscription box. Mom wants the fun! :)

Ecocentric InstructionsEcocentric Mom CardA detailed information card comes with each box. FYI it arrived in great condition — rips and tears are courtesy of my rambunctious toddler who was present for the unboxing. :)
Ecocentric Mom Nov TowelPeople Towels Logo a Go Go Towel, $4 Like this. It’s cute, a good small size, and nicely smooth on one side and terry-cloth on the other. I don’t really need any more little towels right now (especially since I cloth diaper, I have no shortage of cloth wipes floating around), but it definitely will get used.

Ecocentric Mom beetsBitsy’s Brain Foods Smart Cookies, $1 Love! Always love it when boxes include tasty edibles, and these were so good. Crunchy and sweet, Zeplin and I finished them off before all the rest of these photos were taken.
Ecocentric Mom HempManitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts, $2 Love! I took awhile to open these up and eat them but wow, once I did they were so good. Definitely will have to look at getting more.

Ecocentric Mom Vit CSilk Therapeutics Intensive C Serum, $20 Love! Always up for anything anti-aging, and this feels great and I *think* it’s helping? It’s so hard to tell with these things. Regardless this review post is a bit late and by now it’s almost gone.

Ecocentric Mom Lip BalmLasting Smiles Organic Lip Balm (full size), $5 Love. I’m always up for more lip balm, and this has a nice texture and pretty much no fragrance or flavor (even though it’s labeled as “Pure Pomegranate”).  Ecocentric Mom BalmEllovi Mint Chocolate Butter Mini, $4 Love! I have lots of body butter and moisturizers, but these little tiny containers are so fun, and they get used up quickly (there’s something very satisfying about that). This works well, and has been especially great for my dry elbows in this cold winter weather.

Ecocentric Mom linerECCO BELLA Cocoa Soft Eyeliner Pencil (full size), $18 Like. It’s a good color, and I do use a lot of eyeliner. Not exciting because I’m getting quite a collection of eyeliner, but it will get used!

Total value: $54

Summary: I love this box! Such a fun mix of treats and beauty and household items. And the value is more than twice the cost of the box. It’s put together nicely and just all feels very classy. Looking at the other options I love the idea of a pregnancy box especially, since that’s such a special time, but the idea that it can evolve with you is awesome. And of course the “eco” theme is a bonus as well.


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