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Degustabox is a grocery-based subscription box that sends out 10-15 full size edible surprises each month. Things like cereal, cooking sauces, snacks and condiments. Cost is $19.99 per month, with the retail value advertised to always exceed $30 (and I’ve found that it always does).

I’ve been receiving Degustabox for close to a year now but this is the first time I’ve posted about it. The brands and products included have been a mix of well-known established national brands (Pillsbury, Barilla pasta) and newer, smaller companies looking to grow their presence. Most products are new launches and lean to the “trendy” side (organic, gluten free) but occasionally “old classics” (like Barilla marinara sauce) and new flavors of established brands (Jiffy ‘cinnamon’ peanut butter) have been included as well.

So without further ado, here’s what I received in my September Degustabox:

King Arthur Flour Essential Goodness Lemon Bar Mix Made this already and it was good! Really good. And as easy to make as any other box mix.

Angelic Bakehouse Sprouted Mash Bread Crisps Like melba toasts, which I love. Very plain flavor, but crunchy and good and went wonderfully with hummus dip.

Wild Planet Albacore Wild Tuna We don’t eat a lot of tuna but it’s nice to have on hand. Happy to get this.

Goya Original Rice Pilaf Haven’t made this yet but need to — looks yummy!

Reese On-the-Go Papaya Goldenberry Quinoa Medley This was so interesting, and healthy, and I was excited to try it… but it wasn’t all that amazing. Mildly sweet and kinda slimy. Maybe better as a yogurt topping?

Panda Brand Korean BBQ Stir Fry Sauce This one looks fun to try. I make a lot of stir frys but haven’t thought ever of making a BBQ stir fry. Whether or not its amazing we’ll see, but we’re not picky so I’ve found that these types of sauces always make for at least a decent, and outside of our norm, meal.

Mutti Passata Tomato Puree This stuff gets great reviews, and I’m excited to use it. It’s a big bottle, much larger than the average-sized canned tomato sauce I usually get, so haven’t found a big recipe for it yet. But I will!

Post Shredded Wheat This is good! We don’t eat a lot of cold cereal, but it’s a good snack or quick meal for the toddler.

Natural Sins Crispy Coconut Chips Super tasty! These are coconut shavings, sweetened and dried. They’re a little bit chewy, and totally different as far as snacks go. We liked them.

Sunripe Fruit to Go Apple Wildberry Super yummy! Very much like fruit leather, or a thick hunk of fruit roll-up. Basically fruit candy, ha.

SUMMARY: I like Degustabox for the surprise factor, and for the fun of having items I wouldn’t normally buy or have forgotten about/don’t think to even look for in the store. We’re on a budget so I always make (and stick to) shopping lists so this subscription is my fun “impulse purchase” outlet. Plus, making lists means I tend to get in grocery shopping “ruts” and the variety helps keep things interesting and expands my cooking horizons a bit (i.e. that Korean BBQ sauce — I make a lot of stir frys but haven’t ever thought to make one with bbq). We also always use everything, so the value is solid, but then we aren’t a picky family and don’t have any special dietary needs.

Also worth noting that Degustabox offers a good, but not amazing, value if you look only at retail values vs monthly box cost (grocery stores run so many sales “full retail value” is rarely what we spend). In my experience the total retail value per box is usually $35-$40+, for a monthly cost of $19.99 (shipping included), and I’m happy with that.

Sign up through this link and get your first box for just $9.99! 

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