Darby Smart Review November 2015Darby Smart is a monthly DIY subscription box that costs $19/mo with free shipping. Each month features everything you need to complete a new DIY project, with most following a theme related to the current season or upcoming holiday.

Darby Smart November UnboxingThis month: DIY branded leather coasters. We really don’t need any more coasters right now but sounds interesting!

Nov Darby Smart UnboxingUnboxing all the supplies: Instruction sheet, a woodburning pen (yay!), a set of 6 leather circles/coasters, two pencils, and a sheet of possible ideas/templates.
Darby Smart Wood Burning ToolThis makes the whole box worth it right here for me. It has a $14 value and it’s not something I thought I wanted, but I’m crafty at heart and I’m excited to think of other projects I can use this pen on down the line.
Darby Smart Nov ReviewVery soft leather discs, smooth on one side and rough on the other. A light tan color.

Darby Smart PencilsCute pencils. I love the “will craft for candy” one especially, ha. We sharpened these up and used them for pre-sketching our designs on the leather.

Darby Smart Instructions NovemberThe back of the above instruction sheet — the instructions are actually listed online, but we just winged it (it’s not hard). It’s nice that they give additional ideas for how to use the pen.

Darby SmartEverybody looked at these, but no one actually used them.

Darby Smart Leather OrnamentsSo we don’t need coasters but I got the idea (from my sister, actually, who also got this box) to make ornaments instead. There are 5 of us so we used one as a practice one for everyone to get used to the pen, and then each of took one disc and decorated it however we wanted. The only rule was that names or initials had to be on it somewhere, so we’ll know who made which one in later years, and a hole will be drilled in the top for an ornament hook to go through.

The two older boys did their own, but of course Zeplin wasn’t allowed to use the red-hot poker pen (ha) so he made a scribble on the disc with the pencil and I used the pen to trace it into a Christmas tree and added his name. Then hubby, who took the most convincing of everyone to participate, ended up making what’s arguably the best one! I added his name at the bottom but the rest of it, snowman and little snowflakes and all, was all him. :)

Darby Smart Wood Burning

The woodburning pen really creates a cool texture on leather.

Summary: I loved this project! It was a fun activity that brought the whole family together for a few minutes, and we have personalized and lasting keepsakes as a result. Also I’m excited to have the woodburning pen permanently. This was a win for me!

Have you tried Darby Smart? What did you think?


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