*This post contains affiliate links. See my Disclosure Policy for more information.GerberAIO_01We’re a prefolds family primarily but there’s no denying the convenience of AIOs (all-in-one diapers) — especially for my busybody toddler. When I heard Gerber was getting into the cloth diaper scene, and was offering an AIO for less than $13, I was super curious to give it a try. After all, it’s Gerber, right?

GerberAIO_1The Gerber AIO is a sized diaper with an absorbent cotton interior and waterproof polyester exterior. Special features include Cotton TransDRY technology (whatever that is) to wick moisture out and away, inner and outer elastic at the legs and waist to help control leaks and provide a better fit, and an open pocket for customizable absorption.

GerberAIO_2Each diaper comes with one insert. It’s very thin, and bends weird. Like in half, all stiff (you can see the crease in the photo). It says it’s 100% cotton so not sure what that’s about.

GerberAIO_3Both ends of the pocket are left open, so there’s room to stuff additional inserts and further customize the absorbancy.

GerberAIO_4Zeplin is 15 months old and about 24(?) lbs so I chose a Large. It fits very trim and looks cute on! Not hard to get a good fit either — the double elastics really do help I think. Not a big fan of the velcro/hook & loop, but that’s currently all they offer.

The diaper has good absorbancy, nothing overnight-worthy to be sure, but when using it with the included insert it was more than adequate for our 2-3 hour change schedule.

I did notice the velcro isn’t the stickiest stuff (to be fair the only other hook & loop I have are TotsBots Bamboozles, but they are way stickier). If you don’t really make a point to press firmly the tabs may come loose and the whole diaper fall off (found that out when Zeplin came running across the room one morning with his diaper falling down around one ankle! He thought that was hilarious). Since we’ve been paying attention to that we haven’t had any issues, however I do worry the velcro may not hold up well long term (it just seems weak).

GerberAIO_5Summary: A solid diaper, but nothing special. The price point is quite a bit less than other AIO brands, but to me it’s a “get what you pay for” deal. The Gerber AIOs are sized, meaning if you start at birth you would need three complete sets (small, medium, & large) to get through to potty training, as opposed to just one set of a higher quality adjustable OS (one-size) AIO. Also it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why, but this diaper does feel “cheaper” than the other AIOs in my stash (currently a Sweet Pea Bamboo OS and Blueberry Simplex OS).

At this point I wouldn’t build an entire stash of these Gerber AIOs, but they could be an effective and inexpensive option if you just need a few to round things out, or for special occasions like when the babysitter or Grandma is changing, etc. Or maybe they’re tougher than they look and will last forever! Who knows, they’re so new that only time will tell.

(I’ll keep you posted down the line on how ours holds up.) :)

Where to buy: Amazon, Target, Gerber

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