Candy-Club-Review-July-2015Candy Club is a monthly subscription box of candy. For $27.99/mo + $6 shipping (or $19.99 with a year subscription) you get 3 lbs of gourmet, brand name candy delivered right to your door. There are some pretty significant coupon codes available for your first month (up to $20 off) and you can give one time/one month gift subscriptions as well (that’s what this was, in my birthday month!).

Candy-Club-JulyInsulated packaging to keep the heat out — smells so good opening!

Candy-Club-Review-UnboxingA description card details each candy type, with name and list of ingredients. I’m calling this a July review but it’s not marked by month, and this box was actually ordered at the end of June. But it was delivered in July, and one that I ordered for someone else as a gift in the first week of July came with the same candy.

Candy-Club-Review-July-1Candy Club has signature little “tins” that they put all their candy in (actually only the top and bottom are tin, the middle is plastic). They’re super cute and I’m totally trying to brainstorm some way to reuse them.

But without further delay, here’s what I got:

Candy-Club-Review-RibbonsSour Power Wild Cherry Belts So chewy and sour and awesome! Very cherry, and the ‘belts’ were surprisingly long (and a little tangled). Not a problem. :)

Candy-Club-Jelly-BeansGimbal’s Sour Gourmet Jelly Beans Twelve flavors, all very tart and delicious. I can’t help but eat them one at a time, or maybe two-of-the-same at a time, just to appreciate the flavors. My favorite candy of all time is Jelly Bellies, so these are a hit with me.

Candy-Club-Review-Scottie-DogsGimbal’s Red Licorice Scottie Dogs Such a cute little dog mold, and these are a nice mix of soft but really really chewy. And they are mild but definitely have a licorice flavor to them — not that generic ‘sugar flavor’ so many cheap red licorice candies have.

Candy-Club-Saltwater-TaffySweet’s Cotton Candy Salt Water Taffy Another hit. I’ve always been a fan of salt water taffy, and these are no exception. The cotton candy flavor is fun, although part of me wishes there was more than just the one flavor. So fun from a packaging/unwrapping perspective to have these sprinkled all around.

Summary: The candy is soooo good. It’s soft and fresh and perfectly flavored. Definitely high end. And it’s packaged beautifully — very well done and downright luxurious. But while it may technically be worth the cost (fancy candy stores do charge a lot), the price is still my big hangup on this box — who needs to budget $30+ every month just for candy? The annual subscription breaks down a little better, but still. It is a really fun gift idea though, and I like that you can send or buy only one month at a time if you want (non-recurring). I won’t be signing up for a regular subscription anytime soon but lets not lie to ourselves — an occasional candy splurge may be in order now and then. :)

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