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Once upon a time…

…in a land far away, a mom got an evening to herself. No kids, no husband, just a few hours alone to spend however she wanted.

Sound like a fairytale? It does! But at some point it will happen to you and whether it’s last minute and unexpected or planned in advance, making the most of your “me time” is key. It is special and rare and you don’t want to blow it sitting on the couch in a shocked, indecisive stupor (been there, done that!).

So, that being said there a million and one ways to enjoy time alone, and we each have to decide what works for us. But one of my all-time favorites, especially in the evenings, is the good ‘ol “long soak in a hot bath” standby (maybe followed by a little Netflix). And I truly believe that having a “kit” of sorts for this type of thing is essential to making truly luxurious me-time happen — because without an easy set-up you’re risking not doing it at all. And then? Hello couch and stupor.

So here’s my go-to list for an evening of cozy, spa-like relaxation. Put these things together in a box under the sink. A little “Me Time Go Bag” if you will.


First, the bath

Silicone wine glass — Real wine glasses are great, but I’m not a fan of delicate, breakable stemware in a room full of slippery soap and hard tile. Stemless silicone for the win! (Also I’m still nursing my youngest so I fill my glass with sparkling grape juice — YUM.)

Bath bomb — Bath bombs are the new bubble bath. They offer fragrance and skin benefits (chamomile or lavender is a great choice for evening), plus that mesmerizing tornado of bubbles serves as handy, relaxing entertainment.

Eye mask — I’m not one for sleeping with an eye mask but one thing I have discovered is that they’re wonderful in the bath. Put a mask on (after your bath bomb has fully whirlpooled you into oblivion, of course) and spend 5-10 minutes meditating on nothing but the feel of the water, the heat, and how good your feet and your hands feel drifting in the water. This simple trick will instantly amplify any bath into a totally dreamy, spa-like experience.


Second, the cozy

Relaxing room spray — Continue the aromatherapy after the bath with a room spray in a scent that encourages relaxation, like lavender. Spritz it lightly — it’s meant to be subtle. Also, resist the temptation to walk through the spritz like you’re applying perfume (oh, just me?).

Fuzzy socks — You should wear comfy clothes all over (bust out that college sweatshirt and favorite pair of leggings!) but there’s something about nice, lush super fuzzy socks that makes me happy. Especially if they have bright colors or a fun pattern. They bring warm fuzzies and cover overdue manicures (we don’t want you want you seeing anything but sweetness and comfort when you put your feet up!).

Chocolate — The good stuff, and just a little bit of it. This is about filling up with happiness, not guilt.



Third, escape!

No, I’m not talking about making a mad dash out the back door. Dive in to a good book, turn on a Netflix movie, play relaxing music, go sit on the back porch and listen to the crickets chirp or (here’s a crazy idea!) just go to bed early and sleep. Whatever you do, make it an indulgent escape. Something you love that you don’t get to do very often. This is about serious, guilt-free self care.


Then, when the clock strikes midnight and the craziness of mom life comes rushing back, put your little “me time go box” back in its hiding place for next time. ;)

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